For anyone else out there who’s parents (particularly mum) is down their neck every five seconds trying to find out where they’re going, when they’re going, how they’re getting there and when the trip finally comes, wants to speak to you everyday to find out how it’s going. Well if that sounds like you, check out the below 6 tips for explaining travel to your parents as found on the Matador Network written by 

1. Respect who you’re dealing with. They only want the best for you.

I once played an April Fools joke on my mom. I posted a photo of a hideous rose-themed neck tattoo on Facebook with the caption, “First tat! Go big or go home!” next to it.

When my mother saw this, she collapsed on the ground and was UNABLE TO BREATHE. This woman is an emotional grenade. She would physically explode if I were to make a bad decision for myself.

Your mom may or may not be similar. Either way, you totally crashed her “freewheelin’ woman doin’ whatever I want” party back in the ’90s, when you forced your way out of her loins and left her with frizzy hair and varicose veins. So respect that.

I don’t even have to tell you what dads go through. Fathering teenage daughters. Mini emotional grenades. That is not how I want to spend my late 30s / early 40s. I will tell you what.

2. Come clean about your finances.

How many times have you asked your dad what he wants for Father’s Day and he responds with something you absolutely cannot buy at Cabela’s? “I want you to be more responsible!”

When I tell my parents that I’m going on a trip, and they come back with, “It better be a trip to the bank!” I like to recite a number. I usually share with them exactly how much money I have in my savings account, money which I am saving for “things other than travel.”

Even if this number is small, it still says that in some minuscule way, I am saving for my “future.”

3. Take steps to ease their mind.

Take a self-defense class. Contact any trusted acquaintance you have at your destination and let your parents contact them as well. Get an international cell phone plan. Do anything you can to give your parents the confidence that you’re going to be okay.

When I went away for a few months to live on a sailboat with absolutely zero sailing experience, my parents were a tad uncomfortable with the idea. So I asked my captain to get a SPOT device, which is a satellite GPS messenger. And he did, no problem.

4. Research your destination.

When you present your case to your parents, prove to them that you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with where you’re going. Have a list of websites and resources they can look into. Register with the embassy as soon as you finalize your plans.

5. Give them some kind of itinerary to go on.

When I left for a backpacking trip in the Dominican Republic, I was only going to be gone for 20 days, so it was easy for me give my parents some kind of loose idea of my whereabouts. When I came to a pretty rural village that definitely did not have internet access, I was unexpectedly out of touch for five days (for the last time, I’m sorry).

So my parents used my “itinerary” (a loose sheet of scrap paper with contacts like “teacher woman in Samaná” on it) to track me down in a German couple’s guesthouse, on top of a cliff, in Las Galeras, having a fantastic time. And that was lucky, because apparently my dad was “this close to booking a ticket and calling the embassy.”

That being said…

6. Don’t make them track you down.

For my parents, a simple “Hello, I am alive and I have eaten 23 tacos so far” is enough to keep them from hyperventilating on the floor. 


How about some German inspiration for our World cup winners!

germany 4
So as we’ve all heard and seen on nearly every single website, radio or newspaper article that Germany won the World Cup. Hearing so much about Germany reminded me of how much i enjoyed visiting Germany! It is simply stunning if you get a chance to venture outside the main cities!

I thought I’d share a bit of my German bucket list  for all those suffering Mondayitis wishing they were anywhere but work…

Check out the AquaDom Aquarium located within the Radisson Blu Hotel, in Berlin Germany!

germany 2

Germany 1

germany 3

Sick of hearing about engagements, weddings and pregnancies.. me too!


At the moment I feel like everyone is either getting engaged, falling pregnant or getting married. Normally I zone out as soon as someone starts talking about anything of the sort as I am far from announcing anything like that anytime soon. The most you’ll hear from me is where i’m at with my bucket list or what country my savings are going to be blown on next!

Though that’s the case, after hearing the words palm trees, cocktails, beach and lazing around by the pool, all i could think was hello paradise. Unfortunately for me the following words included engagement and wedding and i instantly felt deflated as i was ready to assume Tahiti, Bora Bora and any of the destinations I’ve placed in the romantic honeymoon category which I currently have zero interest in.

This wasn’t the case though! After doing a bit of research myself this gem is in our own lovely country of Australia up on the Great Barrier Reef, called The One&Only Hayman Islands. Yes it’s definitely up there for the romantics but it’s the first i’ve heard of it so definitely not in my honeymoon category yet!


Definitely worth checking out, even if it is just to add to that never ending bucket list like me!


Top 48 Dream Hotels




I stumbled across the Matador Network and got myself absolutely lost in their website. This was by far my favourite post, so many amazing hotels and resorts to go to! I think I’ve found my next bucket list of destinations to work from

Liebster Award time!

Liebster Award time!

Seeing as I’m new to the blogging world I had to google what the Liebster Award actually was. A big thanks to Jess from Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer for the nomination. If you’re after recipe ideas or somewhere to stop by for dins in Melbourne, she’s got the goods!

In response to her questions…

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because at the moment I can’t decide whether to travel again next year once i’ve finished Uni so in the mean time I thought talking about my trips and hopefully motivating others to travel would in turn help me decide whether i should go or not. I also thought it fill the void now i don’t have a trip to talk about or look forward to.

2. Where in the world do you most want to visit?
I don’t have one place in particular i want to do but at some point i’d love to finish Europe. If I don’t get to do that (as it’s a big trip) I would love to do South Africa (possibly volunteer and work in a lion or elephant sanctuary) or do Antarctica

3. What was one big childhood dream and have you made it come true yet?
To be honest I have a terrible memory when it comes to my childhood so I don’t remember what my childhood dream was. I’m extremely happy with where I am today and having been able to travel as much as I have already is I suppose, a dream come true in itself.

4. Burger or hot dog?
Definitely a burger.

5. Favourite Instagram feed?
Anything to do with ‘places to visit before you die’ type posts.

6. What’s the most important thing you’d like to tell your 16 year old self?
Don’t get caught up in what society wants you to do, do what makes you happy.

7. Which 5 people, famous or not, alive or dead, would you have at your theoretical dinner party?
Mmm I’ve never really thought about this but i guess…

  • Bruce Poon Tip – If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the founder of G Adventures which is a travel company based on sustainable options. His book is truly inspirational if you have a chance to read it.
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Richard Branson

8. Summer or winter?
Depends where you’re spending them

9. What’s for dinner tonight?
I’ll be studying the rest of the afternoon because I’m in the middle of exams so probably leftovers

10. Who is your favourite family member?
Haha couldn’t pick. My two dogs are high up there though

11. Where did you last travel to?
Central America


To keep this going I’d like to nominate:

Chad from Backpacking with Chad



My  questions are:

1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

2. If you could transport to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

3. Where did you last travel?

4. If you were given 1 million dollars and had 24 hours to spend it, where or what would you spend it on?

5. What’s your favourite childhood movie?

6. What movie out at the cinemas at the moment, do you most want to see?

7. What is your greatest accomplishment?

8. Your favourite meal?

9. Dogs or Cats?

10. What made you start blogging?

Don’t let life escape you

Don't let life escape you

At the moment I’m going through the stage where I just can’t decide whether to go on another big trip or whether I should just start saving so i have money sitting in my account for when i want to move out. A constant debate between whether I think about my future or live for the present. I’ve decided for now I’ll just keep my focus on my studies and saving so by the end of the year once I’ve finished Uni for good i can decide whether i want to do a big trip or whether i just organise a small trip somewhere i haven’t been before.

I think this image really sums up what we all need to remember. Find a balance between what you want to do and what you need to do. Don’t get so caught up in life for the future, that you forget about the present. You only get one life so make it amazing. If you can’t go on a huge trip, think of somewhere you’ve always wanted to go which isn’t so far away or won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Don’t let life escape you.

Don’t be a media fool

A huge number of friends or friends of friends are either thinking about travelling or have booked their tickets and just aren’t sure where they want to go. It is amazing how many people rely on the media for information regarding safety when deciding whether they should travel to certain countries. Having just travelled two months through Central America with two other girls, it amazed me how many people before and after the trip said to me they wouldn’t go to Mexico (which is one of the biggest parts of Central America). We travelled all throughout Mexico and had no trouble whatsoever. It pays to do your research and study the government websites to get a more accurate idea on the dangerous areas. So many of the areas in Mexico which are portrayed through the media as dangerous are along the borders where there are issues with drug trafficking. These areas generally are not the areas you’ll be visiting anyway. Work out where you want to go and research those specific areas. Mexico is huge so if you search Mexico as a whole rather than the specific destinations you want to go to, you aren’t going to get any accurate information.


I travelled through Europe during 2011 and had the same problem when i decided to add Morocco to my trip. Again, people were telling me i shouldn’t be going there, two young blonde girls will not be welcome, you’ll get harassed your entire trip and so on. Based on this we opted for a tour just to ensure we were safe as it was just after (what they then said) a terrorist attack on one of the major tourist hotspot restaurants in Marrakesh. I’m not going to lie, when we first arrived we had trouble with our luggage which ended up extremely frustrating and at one point made us a tad uneasy as other passengers got into huge arguments with the luggage handlers. To be honest, yes it was daunting not being able to speak a word of English in the middle of a Middle Eastern airport, but still, i would never tell anyone not to travel there. I’d have to say travelling through Morocco was one the highlights of my whole trip and i would highly recommend anyone go there. Being able to see such a different lifestyle is truly eye opening and can change your perspective on life. None of my friends had ever travelled there, it was one of those destinations no one around me had really gone to or even considered going to. We got to ride on camels through the Sahara Desert then sleep overnight under the stars – memories i will always cherish. Not once during my whole time in Morocco did i feel unsafe (whether we were with the tour leader or not).  We spent a great deal of time away from our tour leader throughout the trip as it wasn’t a tour which you had to follow around each day. We had a heap of spare time and did a lot on our own. We went through the markets outside of the tourist hotspots and were not once hassled by a local. As long as you’re cautious and actively respect their culture you shouldn’t run into any problems. Obviously this is not the case all of the time but don’t base your decisions solely on what other people think because their experience most probably won’t be the same as yours. Keep an open mind and simply be aware of the different cultures and way of life when travelling. So many people get caught up in the media’s portrayal of a country and therefore look for those things when travelling.

If i went to Morocco assuming that everywhere i went i was in danger, i would never have actually enjoyed the trip. It is a different culture and therefore they do things differently. Being hassled in a market to purchase from their store does not mean they’re out to get you. I think as a general rule people should stop relying on the media and second hand stories because nine times out ten you’ll end up missing out on the best part of travelling which is to meet and immerse yourself in the culture of another country.

We had a writer on our trip working for Green Prophet who was able to describe part of our

trip perfectly..



Make It Count

I stumbled across this video this afternoon and thought it was genius!

Instead of sitting behind a desk they took off for 10 days and created quite the motivational video! We all need to keep our lives exciting. The 9-5 life can become tedious and boring and if we don’t make an effort to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way, we’ll end up looking back on life thinking about all the things we didn’t do.

I guess the appropriate saying would be ‘we never regret the things we did do, we only regret the things we didn’t do’. So make it count. Think outside the box and make your life one you’re proud to look back on. Make memories you can look back on and smile.

Watching this video has motivated me to realise the potential in your everyday life. We don’t need to book a holiday, wait for the holidays to come around so we can use our annual leave. Why not look at the opportunities in work, use your weekends or even a spare afternoon and start realising the potential in your surroundings!!